MES is opening more classes

DSC01839 DSC01835 DSC01838 DSC01836

Now Music For Everyone School (MES)  is opening  new classes for student who has completed in level 4 of  Guitar or Ukulele, such as Drum, Piano, Bass guitar, Electric guitar and learning by them self with out teacher.

He is first student in new instrument.

His name is Pheakdey, 19 years old.

Last time he has been successful in Ukulele class.

He is study hard with music.

This week  he chose to learn drum by listening to DVD player and lesson book.

“I wish I can play all instrument in MES, after drum I will chose Piano as my third instrument”. He says.

He wish MES get volunteer teacher soon.

“I need teacher for sharing idea and help me to get more understanding”. Says Pheakdey

MES hope you can success in new instrument as Ukulele class.

If someone interest for volunteer please contact:


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