Music performance

Chariya, Phally and Kong Em Pren and Savuth Dinner Sokteurn and Phearen

Now a day MES  having around 60 students are learning music, some of them are Christian.

Director of MES decided to celebrate a music performance on December 30, 2012 for Cambodian smile and helpful together.

” This performance is focused on unity of students in different religion and show about students capacity”.

” For Christ mas and happy new year also”.

” Especially for result of work for 7 months a go”.

“So I decided to celebrate on 30th December”. Shila says ( Director)

A concert was start at 3 o’clock and finish at 6:30 pm.

Student was combine together for playing and sing song  as group of Ukulele and Guitar.

At the end of concert we had danced and get dinner together.

“I am very happy with concert and have many people are coming to visit as Cambodian and foreigner”.

“We hope MES can celebrate next year again”. Group of students says

“I hope we can have next year”. Director says

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