New Leaf Cafe is an NGOs partner to support their profit from its business to many of local NGOs in the Siem Reap, MES had i great time to show up our students to the New Leaf lunch brunch event to support MES with 80% of profit will goes to MES they keep 20% for their own staffs and transactions.

New Leaf start to support us for two months from October to November 2016 to let us can have more fund to running our school and can process more music and art classes.

We so excited to help business partner to help us to keep the school running well.

Finally at the ending of the November we got a great gift from New Leaf as we expected.

In the name of Music for everyone school Siem Reap, Cambodia, we would like to say thanks to New Leaf eatery for supporting our music school from the profit of two months, September and November 2016 with $2,959, with this it will help us a lot to keep our school still running and we also plan to contribute our fund from Sir Guitar and Dame to one other Music school in Laos it is MES Laos with $1,000 as they also have a financial problems, so we can share and keep this beautiful project going well together in the future. Thanks to all supporters and sharing us your loves and harts to appreciate us.

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