In the name of MES we are so excited for Mr.Brak Sophanna who had a great friend from Treak Community to help him to know some people in Korea especially Mr.(Joe) Kyung Hee Cho who organized an event to raise money for Sophanna and MES with $500 in the last few weeks ago, they done a great thing for Cambodia not just our music school. We are so thankful for the very kindness of Gold Pasta and Crews in Korea, we wishes you all the best.

Below is a message from them:

Gold Pasta and the crews put in multiple hours to make this show happen for the people of Cambodia and Phanna and his passion for music and music education. We were delighted to see our hard work pay off. We were able to host two nights of sold out shows. We were able to provide the people of our community with music we were proud of and to see people come out to support this great cause to support music education for the less fortunate has been the most inspiring this of all. As a final product we were able to financially support Phanna and Music For Everyone School (MES) with 1,553,000 (Korean Won). I would like to thank Mr. Michael Horton and the Trek Community Centre for being so helpful to this whole process. Mr. Brak Sophanna for his dedication and love for music and music education.

Gold Past & The Crew
Band – Gold Pasta
Vocalists – Skyler Cho, Coline Kim, Carrol Park
Light & Sound – Yoona Ro, Sue Kim
Video Crew – Anna An, Aiden Seo, Steve Lee, Yaeji Yoon
General Support – Henry Ko, Sohee Kim, Julia Lee


Here is a performance of

MES is coming back

We are very sorry about MES website, we didn’t updated sin October 2016, we were in a unable login on a working labtop, but now we are back to updating more jobs of MES.

Here we had a link of MES facebook page that everyone can follow all the activities and share our nice works to friends much mor easier.




Thank you,


Best regards,

Shila Ponlok, Directore of MES Siem Reap, Cambodia.


New Leaf Cafe is an NGOs partner to support their profit from its business to many of local NGOs in the Siem Reap, MES had i great time to show up our students to the New Leaf lunch brunch event to support MES with 80% of profit will goes to MES they keep 20% for their own staffs and transactions.

New Leaf start to support us for two months from October to November 2016 to let us can have more fund to running our school and can process more music and art classes.

We so excited to help business partner to help us to keep the school running well.

Finally at the ending of the November we got a great gift from New Leaf as we expected.

In the name of Music for everyone school Siem Reap, Cambodia, we would like to say thanks to New Leaf eatery for supporting our music school from the profit of two months, September and November 2016 with $2,959, with this it will help us a lot to keep our school still running and we also plan to contribute our fund from Sir Guitar and Dame to one other Music school in Laos it is MES Laos with $1,000 as they also have a financial problems, so we can share and keep this beautiful project going well together in the future. Thanks to all supporters and sharing us your loves and harts to appreciate us.


This week MES had rent a space for a very cheap price per month to a new couple Sovanna and Sophea to make a small business to support themselves and MES, they sell some drinks and foods. All menus are less then $1.

Fry Noodle vegetable with beef or egg 3500 Riel & 2500 Riel, Sandwich 1000 Riel, Ice Lemon Tea 1000 Riel, Ice Coffee 1500 Riel, Coke 2000 Riel, ¬†Water 500 Riel, Bread 2000 Riel…, please come to eat and drink with the clean and healthy foods in MES to support our new small canting.


That is a great opportunity to let our old students can providing their experiences to teach new students in MES, so we decided them to differences instruments they knew, it’s like Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Singing. They are happy to help us to teach to other students and they can make more friends.DSC00771


During last weekend and this week we had such a nice time to do some creative ideas with looking for some old table in school that we don’t use it for useful thing, bring it back to fix and do some painting on it and re-use it for piano room printer table xylophone table after painting, there are some broken chairs are can’t use any more we’ve been take some wooden from home to put the seat on and screw it and paint it to make colorful and mad it for our art class to seat on.