On the 14th of August 2016 MES got a nice day with collaborating with a big event of the year for the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, there are lots of people from the differences sectors in town to do a fundraising event through cycling which is call Cycling for Environment and Children’s Health, organized by AHC, Cycling for Cambodia…, with 850 bike riders, MES was a part of entertainment for the live music along the way of the cycling and the break points, they are so happy with the big event like this and it was the 3rd years of the fundraising event fro this children hospital.

On the ways they cycling they also had  two school to stop by and planting some tree to let other people know that we are need the nature and good environment to live in a green and beautiful world.

Finally the total fundraising are over $15,000 for the hospital, with 54 sponsorship, MES also had a great day and help with the event to reach the successfully through sharing the music.


Last weekend MES got an opportunity to hosted a Khmer Rock ‘n’ Roll Band from Battambang Province they are BATBANGERS BAND, they wish to sharing their music experiences to MES school to learn more about our own rock’n’roll music and how to composing now original song and music for public. They are so amazing performing and so energetic band, MES also have two bands were showed their music as well. MES will do more workshop to let our students can learn some style from these guys soon. Thanks BATBANGERS BBAND for interested in  MES for collaborate in music appreciation this time.


MES  got many differences students from every where in town and countryside including the Chines friends came to learn guitar to entertaining them self after their working and I used to learn Chines from teacher Wang Suping as well while she been learning guitar in MES from about 3 months, after they leaving Siem Reap one of our Chinese friends was donate her guitar to our school to let us use for other students who doesn’t have a guitar to learn more in MES. We are so thankful for the kindness, not just a guitar but she also donate many of her used stuff like cloths, cooking stuffs…. and books.Teacher Wang Su

Arts and Music Volunteers From Indochina Tour Agencies Company

Last week MES got 15 of English volunteers through Indochina Tour Agencies company who is arranged to send us those volunteers to help MES in Arts, Dance Music and Reading classes, they had very nice three days to teach variety activities.

The end of the day they been cleaning the back yard gardening and finished their arts and have been done dome performance with the MES Students, had a great morning together  and had a very hard say good bye words.

Thanks to Indochina Tour Company to arranged all the volunteers to help MES fro three days, we hope that we can have more volunteers in the futures.


In the recently months MES just got more teachers Mr.Vireak guitar volunteer teacher from Monday-Friday at 9:00-11:00 am and Mr. Pov Pon is our old friend from a high school last 10 years, he became a keyboard player in many music bands and now we asked him to be a Keyboard teacher in MES and he had a theory class four days a week for Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Sunday 5 hours a week teaching music notation and music theory to our students.

More students are pretending to learn with him for the music theory class on the weekend. Thanks for helping us to providing your experiences to our music school.


MES got some of donation from two of our friends Sophia Wang from China donated some reading books and money before she move to Myanmar and Ly Rina from Siem Reap she just having a holiday from a scholarship high school in Sweden and back to visit family and spend an hour to visit her old music school where she had music class before and donated some money to MES. Thanks for both of you of donated to MES.



World Music Day is the most happy day for musicians to show their talented on the stage and can providing so so many differences music performance and making peaces through music.

In Siem Reap on 21st of June MES students had a great experiences to show the music performance at the Hard Rock Cafe and at the World Bar to congrats the music day. They did so amazing gig to the public and show up their talented through music and made people feel great time with them.

MES Mini Concert

The time was running so fast, who know! MES was four years old now, since it’s was born on 9th of June 2012, now it’s became a little popularity music school and more well known in the city, it was created so many amazing project and had been producing more young  talented musicians and mad a best revolution on this little town, everybody start to know about our school and our students performance at all the times in town and in the school, we started to get more and more people are interested in our project and wanted  to corporate or collaborate with our projects and we had been sending some of our former students to teach some schools in differences places and they can make money from teaching and playing in the restaurants, bars or many kinds of the local party so far.

We are really thanks to our big supporters Dame in South Korea and Sire Guitar in USA who are supporting us and can make this happened in our country, and also thanks to our friends supporters who are donated many resources to improved our music school and you can see our result from the very beginning till now.


Kindergarten Siem Reap Visiting

On Sunday 19th MES Director Mr.Ponlok Shila and a Ukulele volunteers teacher Mr. Eric Walter had been visit Kindergarten Siem Reap, is a free English and Khmer School located in Tek Vel Commune, Chen Raom village about 12 km from town, we brought some clothes and hair dressing stuffs donated through Mr. Shila’s friends and Mr. Eric’s friends to donate the kids in  school. It was such a great time with the kids, they have 120 kids are learning Khmer and English fro Kindergarten to grade four.

Thanks to all the supporters there are Perfect Look Salons from USA Tigard, donated some beauty protection products, Tigard Music Shop donated some music tools to MES, Mr.Eric’s Frinds and Mr.Shila’s friends from Australia donated clothes.

Study Supplies Donation

MES got very kindness people from South Korea and from Mango Rain Hotel in Siem Reap, they came to visit MES and donated some books and pencils, rubbers… to our social project, Thanks to Hyunjeong Song from South Korea and brother Bunthoun the Manager from Mango Rain Hotel near by music school.

These stuffs can make more improving to our project and let us getting more appreciation from more people who are loving music and wanted to support us so far.

Hyunjeong song