MES now having an art class just to open it for people who  are interested in learning how to drawing and painting, we had an art teacher Mr. Bunthai, He is Cambodian and MES use to collaborated with him so far for some art and music festival of MES to do fundraising and performing in town, he is professional artist in Sim Reap got an art education from an art school, he also help a lot to the local children to teach arts, now we had an idea to create an art class in MES to make an opportunity to our students and public people who are really want to learn art and music so they can have choices.

For art class we decided to charge the money from our students within $5/month just to running this new project not for profit for the first step. We will think about charge more when it can be a good  class and more people are coming to learn.

Mr. Bunthai also participated in this project because he really want to help MES and want to share his knowledge to other kids to know how to be an artist and can drawing or painting in a right way. Art class is doing for three days a week from Friday to Sunday morning from 9-11 am.

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