First Saturday evening activities

These are activities of the students to practice their lesson on Saturday evening.

They are practicing by them self and teacher just prepare the song and lesson for them.

“Most of the students  are happy when they heard  that MES let them to practice every Saturday evening, because they always spent time to visit any where they want”.

“It mean that they spent time in the wrong way to  go out side because they didn’t have some thing to do”.

“But now is different because they can keep the time for practice the lesson”.Says Voleak, Reaksmey, Kong Em.

One more thing Music for Everyone School was make a new sign board in Khmer Language is standing above English.

So the people around there can understand about MES.

After that  some of them are came in MES for get more  information later on they decide to register for learning with MES.

Now MES got new students around ten and starting in the first lesson.

Most of the students are having time for learning Ukulele.

MES got full of the students in Guitar class but Ukulele is available only one class in the morning.

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