MES are Seeking for Volunteer teachers

These are activities of the students are coming to practice their lesson.

They are happy to learn in different class and the same time.

Some of them are learning Ukulele and Guitar by them self and some are need to ask their teacher because they are new students.

They are learning hard with music.

MES staff are wish to the students to success their goal in the future and hope MES can get more volunteers to teach the students and show them about the Technical of learning music.

MES staff  are finding volunteer  teachers are foreigners and Cambodian.

Please help my generation to success their goal if you are interest with MES. Says Shila (Director of MES)

Here are ours Contact Persons:

Director’s E-mail:

P/H: 012 698 042/070 367 232 and

Admin’s phone number : 093 20 94 36/015 268 598


Administrator of MES Siem Reap

Pheaktra ponlok

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