MES Mini Concert

The time was running so fast, who know! MES was four years old now, since it’s was born on 9th of June 2012, now it’s became a little popularity music school and more well known in the city, it was created so many amazing project and had been producing more young  talented musicians and mad a best revolution on this little town, everybody start to know about our school and our students performance at all the times in town and in the school, we started to get more and more people are interested in our project and wanted  to corporate or collaborate with our projects and we had been sending some of our former students to teach some schools in differences places and they can make money from teaching and playing in the restaurants, bars or many kinds of the local party so far.

We are really thanks to our big supporters Dame in South Korea and Sire Guitar in USA who are supporting us and can make this happened in our country, and also thanks to our friends supporters who are donated many resources to improved our music school and you can see our result from the very beginning till now.


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