One of the most memory of MES volunteer last two years Mr.Eric Walter a member of Indalo Wind Band is come back to visit us and contributed his time to teach our ukulele students for two weeks and he brought so many donation stuff including clothes, body care, balls, ukulele and guitar strings and picks… from his friend in USA to MES and to bring those to other community who are need help and keep some for MES.

Last time he have been traveling with his family and friends and have been doing a performance in MES and but this time he just came alone for his touring in Siem Reap and Battambang to get more explore about Cambodia and try to help MES students to get more awareness on the music instrument.

Thank so much Mr.Eric Walter to help us a lot to improve our school guide line and let them interested in learning more English songs.


  1. I loved your performance of “We shall overcome” I am also a ukulele and guitar teacher and my husband and I plan to spend 4 weeks in Siem Reap in July 2017. WE live in Australia . I would love to volunteer some time teaching ukulele and guitar to your students. My email address is adelineperrett@hotmail.com
    Best wishes

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