Siem Reap is a place which is the most interesting provinces in Cambodia on tourism sector and economic cared, Education most of the importance things in Seam Reap for the youngster students and let them growing up with multiple knowledges and skills through out many school and NGOs , Association, Foundations or Companies  to support those young students to get differences opportunities to learn and practices their capacities in the real situation or social needed in the free markets of competitive in Cambodia or in the areas of Asia.

The most importance things over these points there are the main things would happen before to bring those young educated students to reach the futures goal of growing our economic, their is many sectors are helping this out through the Career Fare Day Exhibition  for the some high schools in Siem Reap to appreciate the high school students to let them interested on the real works market demand or the the life skills or about the vocational training awareness, they must know and directing their own goals before and after graduated from their high school levels.

MES was been participated  with the Caring for Cambodia Foundation NGOs, to do the Career Fare Day at some high school in countryside to show the students about the activities and learning opportunities to those high schools, to bring music school to the high school students to understand about our mission and goal and needs and help them to see the world through music. And there  are over 20 differences NGOs, Companies, School… to show on the day or to explain about their productions and services to them and some can make some scholarship to get more chances to provide them life skills and knowledge to compete the working markets in the short futures.


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