4th Peace Camping (Community Development Leadership)

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of February 2015 MES(Director), PUC University (Student Senate) and Siem Reap SOS (staff) are having a peace camping on the Community Development Leadership objective to make an opportunity for MES students and other youths from many sectors to participated in our camping to learn about the social works and doing some charity such as books raising for a community library in the village near the Forestry Community where are camped in the jungle.

During the Camp we’ve been sharing each-other on how to live in forestry (Nature Life), Buddhism and Nature, Successful Life, Forestry Community History, Leadership and Community Development for young generation and also ASEAN Globalization.

4th PC 4th PC1 4th PC2 4th PC3 4th PC4 4th PC5 4th PC6 4th PC7 4th PC8 4th PC9 4th PC10 4th PC11 4th PC12 4th PC13 4th PC14 4th PC15


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