Peace Camping at Odormeanchey Province

On 29th-30th November 2014 MES have been participate in a Peace Camping at Odormeanchey Province of a forestry community Sang Rukhavean,  we’ve been make a toilet , shearing happiness via music, walking to see jungle area and have shared experience from our leaders.


Sharing a out the animals characteristic in a leadership concepts y Mr. Chay Sopheap from PUC siem reap.


We are finding some river sands to build a toilet.


Group picture for 60 participators with a monk from Thailand wit his bike.


A night time sharing experiences about managing the forestry in the community, PUC director speeches and Venerable Sambo from Thailand (Buddhism and bicycle action in Thai).


Visit inside the community forestry leading by Venerable Bun Salout the provincial monk chief of Odormeanchey.


Sound tested before the night party from MES Siem Reap Rock n Roll Band.

DSC08438 DSC08440 IMG_0425


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