Indalo Wind Concert in MES

Concert on 23rd March 2014 of the Indalo Wind in MES, was done successfully as an expected beforehand, It was a very fantastic concert that MES students never saw. They love the Indalo Wind Music that Eric and his son Jacob play to much and wish to see them again next time.

After Indalo Wind perform their music, also MES student they have some Cambodian and English Music to show too, it was so fun and make people look so happy and feel love it too.




2 thoughts on “Indalo Wind Concert in MES

  1. We had such a wonderful experience at MES. We feel honored to have shared our music with such a kind audience and marvelous group of students. We are grateful to Shila and to all the staff at MES for making us feel so welcome. We are also grateful to Nathalie and Chan at Maison Polanka for facilitating this beautiful cultural exchange. We were so impressed with the students’ music and with the enthusiasm that they showed. It is a memory that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Peace and blessings to all! Awkun tran!

    1. Thank you Eric,

      It it was a great time to let us know you music and fell like it so much, peace through music is important to our nature, we are making peace and let next generation learn about music as like the basically need of them.

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