Increasing Students

Now a day MES has more registers, most of them understand about the importance of music.

Some of them more than 23 years,  they need to pay money every month.

MES is having around 70 students in  different classes such as Acoustic guitar, Ukulele, Electric guitar, Piano, and drum.

All the students are happy to learn and would like  to say thank you very much for sponsor from Korea. Always help Cambodian especially in MES as a music  school.

DSC02445 DSC02443

One of over 23 years said:” Young generation are lucky because they are free learning”.

My name is Vichet, I am a quiet person but like to play music, it make me lost stress from works and study”.

“I bought a guitar many years ago and don’t know how to play,  just keep and clean when I get boring”.

“A few  months ago I start  learning in MES and practice my guitar at home until now I can play and sing a song”.

” When I go out side at the weekend, I always bring guitar with. To make fun with any friends at that time all of  them said I am like a hero, because they can not play just listen me and sing a song”. Music make me to be a sociable person.

Thank you MES.

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