One of guitar student

DSC02351 DSC02352

This is a one of MES student who learn fast about the guitar lesson.

His name is Chiva, 21 years.

Chiva said:

“I am young boy in Cambodia who has no chance for learning at high school because of my family are poor”.

“Last year I decide to live at Phnom Penh for learning music but my older sisters did not allow me”.

“Then one of my sister find me a job in Seim Reap”.

“Around three months ago one of sister told me that she has a friend who work in the music school”.

“At that time I am very happy but I think maybe I can not pay for learning, because I am having a low salary if I need to pay for music school is not enough for support my sister who is learning at high school”.

But my sister said that, the school is free for under 23 years.

“I always dream to be a fame musician that’s why I want to find where is the school”.

“One day I try with a bicycle is on the way to phnom krom as my sister said”.

Then I see, it is a school that called  “Music for everyone school”.

It look very very interest.

“Finally, I can learn music by free and no need to live far a way from my sibling”.

“I hope my dream become true”.

Thank you MES.


MES wish you to have a best job with your music skill in the future.



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