Raksmey MES staff

Practice on Saturday1  DSC01624DSC01629  DSC01627

In this picture is a new staff of MES the next of Miss Thida was decide to stop working in MES because she is busy with her study  in public school.

His name is Raksmey.

He is studying at University.

He is working hard and good relation with other staff and  the students .

He can teach music to students in MES as guitar as well and ukulele little bit.

“I am very happy for working with MES. When I started working here I felt my life is changing one day to one day.

Because I can practice  guitar lesson that I studied last time and hope MES can help me to left boring when I got stress with learning at university.” He says.

One more thing he said: ” Now I am getting many experience about music especially for teaching in MES.  It is a good position for me”.

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