MES get more students

DSC01481 DSC01528DSC01477 DSC01479

Last month Music for every one school(MES) got more instruments from Korea such as Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Classic guitar, Drum and Ukulele.

Now MES having new students and  more waiting registers, because of MES did not has enough instruments for them in the evening class.

Most of them are student and they have  free at 3:00-4:00 PM only, So they need to register and waiting for next time.

One more thing MES is planing for students who completed in level 3 of  Acoustic guitar or Ukulele, to choose other instruments.

It means that they can choose other instruments for learning by them self with DVD player and do research from internet.

If some one want to learn in MES need to learn with Acoustic guitar or Ukulele first.It is a rule in MES.

Most of students want to learn drum.

Now they are study hard to pass their weekly test for learning  next instruments what they want.

MES see that their result of weekly test are good. They spent very short time for one level to other level.

They wished to get good result for learning music in MES to success their goal. Says “Sann, Tour, Sopheak, Phai, Dany”

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