MES cafe


Now MES has a small café which name is MES café.

The seller is Rithy.

Café shop is opening in the same side of Kim’s Kitchen.

MES are selling snacks, coffee and Honey cake in low benefit.

The price is suitable for the students.

Honey cake is made by Rithy.

It has sweet test.

MES just make a new name for the cake as honey, because it seems as honey inside.

One thought on “MES cafe

  1. Your cafe is simple yet seemingly complete. I am very tempted by the wide variety of snacks that you have over there. By the way, where do you make the cake? In the kitchen? Would be nice if there’ll be more pancake options. Banana pancake? Spring onion pancake? Sandwiches? Chives pancake? Steamed rice cake? You can make different pancake on different days. Listening to the music, while having some pancakes and a cup of hot tea makes me drooling just by thinking about it.

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