Today, we introduce one of our staff.

It’s her in the picture.

Her name is Thida.

She’s doing very important work in MES.

Like, checking student’s attendance, instruments in and out and many other works.

She had been working for 4 months.

Now she knows many things about guitar and ukulele already.

“I am so happy to get this position during my study in high school, because I never had any experience, so it is my luck as a first time job.” She says.

She also said that, it’s a good position for her ability and not a hardworking at all.

Thida has good reputations from all other MES staff.

“She’s doing her job properly without delay.” says Shila, the director of MES.

“It is a special one that I can get a positive salary to support my studying.

I like all staff very much because they are friendly.” she says.

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